The last kolkhoz of Azerbaijan

In XIXth century queen Catherine II of Russia exiled Molokans, because they rejected conformity of the Christian faith. This people settled south of the Caucasian mountains and in 1840th the Ivanovka village was formed. During the Soviet times it was a Russian village in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Since 1954 it was managed by a collective farm chairman, tovarisch Nikitin, who has made Ivanovka a kolkhoz-millionaire. Even now local people remember him as the greatest leader and his management as the brightest period of their lives.

Ivanovka is the last kolkhoz in Azerbaijan. The farm is unable to cope independently and receives subsidies from the state. The main income the farm receives from the sale of grain and grapes. Today Russian and Azerbaijani employees work side by side, salaries are very small and most of it is compensated with the produced products.

Azerbaijan, 2016