Erase without recovery

At the beginning of the XXth century almost half of world oil production was being extracted in the Capital of Azerbaijan, Baku. Investors from all over Europe and America came to the city and they started to build new houses and mansions. Best architects were invited to work and create masterpieces that would be pasted from generation to generation. 

Modern Baku seeks to retain the title of the world’s oil capital and among wide prospects and grand architecture it seams that there is no place for nostalgia and shabby artifacts of the past. This story is about the last days of ‘Sovetski’ district, which was located right in the heart of Baku and demolished by local administration. Tragically not only the monuments of architecture have been destroyed, but the social networks and family connections have been erased or damaged as well. People have been evicted and offered a compensation of 1/3 from current market value of the real estate in this part of the city. This forced the indigenous Bakuvians to move to the suburbs or even out of the city. 

‘Sovetski’ district has a long history full of stories. They say that Stalin was hiding here after escaping from prison and Lenin nearly knocked the girl down with his shoulder, passing by in the alleys. Walking these streets you could feel the atmosphere and it was impossible not to believe all the stories that these walls kept.

Azerbaijan, 2016