The foggy future of the Kola Peninsula

The settlement of Tumannyj, which means «foggy» in Russian, is located on the Kola Peninsula, in the middle of the tundra, almost at the very edge of the earth. Life here was formed in the late 60s, when mastering the North, USSR began to build a local hydroelectric station. They say that the Voronya River was one of the most hardest places to conquer along with 120 km of the road, that had to be laid through rocks and swamps.

The heyday of the settlement came in the 70s. The government provided work and free housing, which is still available today. People would hear from friends and relatives about the possibilities in the North and often came  fearlessly to the unknown. Years later, many remained living in ‘Tumanka’, as the locals call it. There used to be a fully equipped hospital, two kindergartens, a school and a club, so life here was a blast.

Automation has led to the fact that fewer people are required to ensure the operation of hydropower plants. Remote living conditions, where it takes three hours to get to the nearest movie theatre, also make it difficult to keep specialists in town. The club’s been closed for several years, so the local school become the center of culture and entertainment. But the school itself gets empty day by day, with only 20 students to complete their education out of total 600 people registered in the settlement.

Russia, 2019